Best Down Jackets:works wondrously in protecting from winter

To describe in a single sentence, down jackets are the must-haves in your winter collection. It is as simple as that. Why? Because they are one of those soft, shiny jackets which works wondrously in protecting you from the winter. But the one thing they owe their popularity to is their extreme light weight (as light as a quill, comparatively) which makes them a blessing to travelers.


Down jackets are as perfect as a winter wear can be, but apparently never is. The jackets are basically like any other jackets, worn with the sleeves and a zip in the front, and mostly body - fitted. But there is this combination of some exclusive features which make them stand out from any other winter clothing. Following is a highlight on those.

downjackets for hiking

downjackets for hiking


Now we all know that a winter jacket is supposed to be warm, what's so special about that? But it is a special thing when combined with some of the features you're gonna read below. And even if we don't consider them, the mechanism of down jackets to keep you warm is very classic and effective.

They simply pack you completely. The jackets are mostly fitted and plus, has a wind blockage capacity. So it keeps you warm, that's one less thing to Worry about.


And now we are at the point which makes the "warmth" feature so special. Usually, it is those heavy jackets or even those stuffed quilts that works best in keeping you warm, and which also weighs a ton. Naturally, you need more cloth which means more weight. But here the scenario is different.

You get warm clothing which is easily foldable and weigh as much as a scarf. This makes it an ideal clothing for travelers who can't carry heavy bags. This one will fit into your backpack effortlessly.


The last thing you want is to get soaked up in water in the immense winter. Don't Worry, down jackets to the rescue


So, it is stylish. And it is soft to the skin. Do you seriously need more!



It is not just a jacket; it is a backpack of its own.

 A traveling winter down jacket cannot get better than this. To begin with, you get 11 separate pockets for almost everything you can imagine, a pen, a tab, a cellphone, headphones, sunglasses, sleep mask, passport, wallet, gloves, and even a drink. Yes, all of that.

Also, there is a stylish hood attached with a windproof face mask. The jacket's classic charcoal black color further adds to the style quotient of the product.


  • Availability of multiple pockets
  • Light weight
  • Free earplugs
  • Stylish


  • As compared to other down jackets, it is not warm enough. Not Water Resistant

#2 J– SUN- 7 MEN

A timeless piece of clothing with a long lasting durability and an iconic look, this jacket is one thing you must have. Made with 100% polyester, the product is available in seven colors. The jacket is multilayered with a woolen hood.

It is not shiny like a typical down jacket, but I think that is one thing which sets it apart from the range. The jacket has a timeless wild look, the one you would imagine hunters to wear in the forests. So you get a sense of adventure as you don this classic piece by J-Sun.


  • Water resistant
  • Windproof Extremely warm
  • Good quality material which is highly durable


  • A little heavier


A true piece in the world of down jackets, it is a classic in its purpose. Designed in gorgeous black (although there are four other color options, nothing beats black), it is simple, stylish, shiny, and warm. It has everything you expect when you buy a down jacket.

The range is smartly designed and can prove very best to you in the deadly cold winter. And since it is Steve Madden, comfort and quality are two things you don't have to worry about. This reputable brand name is enough to let you how this can be your perfect buy.


  • Extremely warm
  • Light weight
  • Water resistant
  • Very stylish and popular
  • Can be worn is various ways, such as with a dress, or denim, or simply with a pair of boots
  • A stylish hood with a fur outline, making it further warm and comfortable
  • A reputable brand names with guaranteed products.


  • May is not very durable. Once damaged, either by a cut or tear, it may not be efficiently repaired.


The overall design is simple with plain cuts and deep fittings. The design is available in five unique colors, each with a statement of its own. This simple yet stunning down jacket are for all those who prefer to make a statement with their personalities, rather than the bobbling in their clothes.

And this jacket will certainly add to the formal. The short length adds a definitive purpose to it and does not exaggerate your clothing. So you get to be warm, comfortable, stylish, and yourself.


  • Extremely warm Light weight
  • Water resistant
  • Windblocking mechanism
  • Stylish, yet simple
  • ​Designed hood with a fur outline
  • adding a style statement to comfort and warmness


  • The length
  • ​The jacket is much shorter than the regular down jackets
  • ​It cuts the use in many ways significantly
  • Less warm, because of the length
  • Exclusively for women


The highlight is the availability of 10 colors, and not just any colors, but bright pink and neon green etc. These funky colors add a fun quotient to your personality and show that life shouldn't be taken seriously. It is marvelously a piece for fun-loving women who like to experiment with their looks and who like to go a little crazy at times.

Mostly, winter jackets come in black and darker shades to further add to the coldness, while the bright colors remain for the summer, Well, with this Want a jacket, it doesn't have to be that Way. The design, on the other hand, is deeply scaled giving it a fitted look and keeping the body Warm.


  • Warm
  • water resistant
  • light weight
  • A very stylish and unique design
  • Very comfortable
  • Not very expensive, comparatively.


  • Short jacket, so the length can be a problem in many ways.
  • The usage gets very limited. Not good for traveling. Not very durable


Now that you know all there is to know about deep jackets, you must have realized how gorgeous ad helpful these things are. The prime factor obviously remains to be the lightweight making it extremely easy to pack and carry around. Factors like wind blockage and water resistance also help in making it a favorite for snow trekkers.

What you need to keep in mind is that you must always buy an authentic product. Pick a reputable brand and check the quality yourself before packing it to a cold destination. Make sure it is the right size and warm enough. There should never be any cuts and tears on the outer surface as it would fail the purpose of warmth. Remember this, and you're good to go for a happy time in the snow.

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