How Do I Prevent Thigh Chafing During a Hike ?

Last Year When I was in my walking holidays one thing that I had experienced during one of my long hikes was I noticed a little bit of chafing under my inner thighs and armpits. Sadly, there was nothing readily available at that time, and my outdoor experience ended up with the little discomfort.

Has Anyone who've gone through some long hikes? Has anyone experienced pain right down between the legs in and around the thighs? I know that the pain is so disgusting even with a little of chafing under inner thigh could be very irritating.

Let's discuss why we get chafing, how to treat chafing, how to beat chafing and seek out the permanent solutions so that we never have any issues with the chafing.

​Why Chafing Occurs in First Place?

what is chafing

Chafing on foot

Chafing is commonly known as CHAB RUB, a constant friction on your skin can cause Chafing. Irritation happens when Skin Rubs on Skin or when Skin Rubs on the Clothes that you're wearing, and it can be painful. Here's an interesting article about healing blisters 

The most commons reasons for skin chafing is due to excess weight, and your skin might be producing an excessive sweat, it can be even worse if you are marathonist or an extreme exerciser.

Chafing can occur at any part of the body, it could be down between the legs, and in and around the thighs, groin areas or under the armpits, but most common places are inner thighs and armpits. What would you do if you happen to have skin chafed under inner thighs and other parts of the body?

How to Treat Chafing

If the redness and irritation were getting severe, then you might want to see your doctor for the medical prescription to heal skin quickly. I'd suggest few simple remedies for treating the skin chafing.

Use a mild cleanser to wash away dirt on the skin.

Washing affected areas are so important to stop spreading further and using gentle cleansers removes dirt on the moist areas without harming skin.

Apply Petroleum Jelly.

You could use petroleum jelly on the skin areas to soothe skin, but it's not comfortable when you are walking or doing any activity.

Using Baby Powders

Baby powder can keep the skin dry for most of the time and also helps us to maintain the moisture away from the affected areas. So, apply powder when you are heading out to prevent further friction on the Skin.

baby powders for chafing

Baby powders keep the skin dry

So, we know what is chafing, and we are aware how to take care of irritated skin so Let's talk about how to prevent inner thigh chafing, quick short term solutions and permanent solutions.

How to Prevent Chafing?

Keeping your skin dry inevitably stops the skin from further chafing so stop staying in your wet clothes. When heading out for a day hike apply baby powders on affected areas so that it keeps away moisture and keeps your skin dry.

Most of all importantly give your skin some time to being active again which helps to heal your skin faster. The best way to prevent chafing on the skin is to avoid friction in the first place, and using skin protectants, Anti-chafing balms and applying anti-chafing powers on the hot spots could benefit in the short term.

1. Using Skin Protectants

Monistat anti-chafing cream

Anti-chafing Gel

Monistat anti-chafing cream comes in a gel, and it is nongreedy, most importantly odorless and very convenient to use. As it arrives in the form of the gel, it quickly dries up and sticks to the skin compared applying the lotion and the powder. You are going to get the benefits of using cream and powder.

Although it was women's product I would recommend using this I got better results using this cream, it’s a great chub-rub, and it works. Let’s see how anti-chafing balms can prevent skin chafing

2. Anti-Chaffing Balms

Body Glide has been around a while it comes with the natural ingredients, body glide balms are also non-greasy and odorless. Coco and almond essentials keep your skin moist whole day and help skin to retain moisture and free from chafing.

Body Glide balm for Her

Body Glide for women

Body Glide balm for Him

Body Glide for men

Apply Body Glide before you put on clothes and head out wherever skin is sensitive to skin. Let’s see how Anti-Chafing powders work for skin.

3. Using Anti-Chafing Powders

I'd like to pack this powder instead of carrying big 6-ounce bottle will add more weight, and I'm ultralight hiker mostly If I were to use this product mostly I will apply right after freshening up so it would keep my body parts dry all day.

Anti-monkey butt powder for her

Anti chafing powder for Her

Anti-monkey butt powder for him

Anti chafing powder for him

Sprinkling monkey powder onto areas prone to chafing will reduce friction and skin damage. Not sure if you like the fragrances or not but this thing will come with mild and fresh scent, but if you apply lousily powder may get all over the place so apply gently.

4. Permanent Solution for Her

women Elastic Anti Chafing Thigh Bands

Anti Chafing Thigh Bands

Wearing anti-chafing thigh bands will prevent thigh chafing for women so you can wear these bands under the skirts and the dress and they are even helpful in the rapid long distance hikes.

So, you don't need to worry about applying gels, balms or powders on no gap thigh areas and keep the friction away by wearing simple bands.

These bands come in various sizes so measure your leg size and make sure they are the perfect fit for you. These are ideal for running, hiking and for any extreme activities. Consider reading these  Hygiene Tips that helps women backpackers. So How do you find the right kind of underwear for him to prevent chafing?

5. Long-Lasting Solution for Him

Mens Briefs for hiking

Anti Chafing Underwear for Men

If you have been looking for the permanent solution to soothe sensitive body parts Using right kind of underwear is most important than applying anti-chafing gels, balms, powders because how long are you going to use these on your body if you have issues daily?

So, here’s the permanent anti-chafing solution and I’m sure you are going to love this, because these pouch underwear is extremely comfortable, gives your relief from sticking and skin chafing and separates the third leg from clappers.

To Sum up

So now we are aware of skin chafing, how to prevent inner thigh chafing, we’ve talked about in home remedies,temporary and permanent solutions to prevent skin chafing. I strongly suggest you to choose the permanent solutions because you might have to deal with again and again if you seek quick solutions.

Ultimately keeping your away from friction is all that you want so I’d highly recommend using STEALTH Circular Dual Underwear for Men and Anti-chafing thigh Bands for Women. So, I hope this article is helpful and share it with your friends and family as it might help them to get over the pain.

If you have used any of the above products that I had mentioned in this article then leaving a reply here at the bottom whether it helped you or not will help all other readers. I’d like to know if my post is helpful or not, so your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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