How To Tie Up Hiking Boots: 5 Techniques for Tying Shoes

Have realized that the boot fitters who were well trained have become scarce thus making common and most lacing techniques be somewhat lost. When I went hiking, most times when I wore my hiking boots, I got blisters.

I noticed that there were powerful lacing techniques that I could use to tie my hiking boots. The lacing techniques enabled me to have a dial in a perfect fit with my hiking boots.

By learning the lacing techniques, was able to eliminate some of the problems like blisters, sore on top of my foot and also pain on my toes when rubbed against the front of my boots. Here's a dedicated article about blisters.

Well, in this article, I will deduce the techniques on how to tie hiking boots. The techniques that enabled me to have a good hike with no problems at all.

5 ​Techniques for Tying up Hiking Shoes 

1. The Surgeon's Knot

Surgeon's Knot for shoes

Surgeon's Knot

Surgeon's knot allows you to isolate different positions of your laces thus be able to create an area which is tighter or looser.

Surgeon's knot is simple since it is like lacing your hiking boots, but instead you have to go around twice or even thrice Creating a secure lace lock which will be hard to slip loose when you release your shoes.

2. Segmented Lacing

Tying technique for narrow feet, One of the techniques you have to use if you have small and narrow feet is segmented lacing.

In segmented lacing, You start in the middle that is about three eyelets up and Work down to the bottom. Before you insert your laces, loop your laces through the gaiter catch if your boots have any.

segmented lacing knot

Segmented lacing

In case your hiking boot does not have any gaiter catch, Surgeon's knot is the best where you tie the knot at the bottom before you insert the laces via the fourth eyelet.

To make sure your hiking boot at all times stays at a constant tightness when you remove your hiking boots, do not undo the section of tying unless you want to adjust further the fit.

3. Knotted Lacing

Knotted Lacing is associated with Surgeon's knot where you pass the lace through the second, third and fourth eyelet depending on how much you want to lock off your hiking boot.

Knotted Lacing for shoes

Knotted Lacing technique

Surgeon's knot allows you to perform faster adjustment when you are on the go, without you having to remove your hiking boot.

In case you want to tighten your hiking boots more, insert the Surgeon's knot before you pass the lace through each eyelet of your boot. But making your hiking boot tighter will not leave any room for your foot to expand.

It is best for you to test your hiking boots at home and see how they feel and if it is necessary to develop your boots. Here's an article about how to breaking into new boots.

4. Lacing Windows 

Tying methods for wider feet, Lacing windows Creating windows in the tying pattern may alleviate the pressure on your foot. Surgeon's knotty from any windows you create anywhere on the lacing pattern but also surgeon's knot adds tension in the tying run where you don't want it.

Lacing windows knot

knot of Lacing windows

In this technique, you lace vertically next to the large eyelet in your boot thus creating a gap or a window in the lacing pattern. Lacing windows is best for you if you gets sore spots on top of your foot when your laces are tied too tight.

5. Heel Lock Technique

Surgeon's knot uses open hooks like speed lacing system on the side of your hiking boots creating a pulley-like-system that allows you to handle resistant leather boots and locks your heel firmly and in place.

The first method in heel lock method creates less tension where the finishing knot lowers down allowing excellent security for the ankle.

You have to surgeon's knot before the speed section of the lace, directly go to the top tie catch, Cross the laces over and then pass down to the second catch of the lace. Using another surgeon's knot, draw in your boot tightly and then tie off.

Heel Lock Technique for lase

Heel Lock

Dealing with damaged hiking boots Laces breaking is one of the annoying things that unexpectedly happens when you are out on the trail or even an eyelet breaking. You can deal with laces breaking in the following ways. Down at the broken eyelet, unlace your footwear first, then next to the right pair of holes, pass both of the lace.

Tying off You can finish off your laces in many ways. The quickest and easiest way to tie and undo your knot is using the double bow. The double bow provides perfect tension and also resists loosening itself when you are out on the trail. Single bow and double bow are tied in the same way.

You can tie off your laces and their patterns in many variations. You can use heel lock technique and the windows method simultaneously if you wider feet.

In case you narrow feet, you can lace, or you can change the insoles in your hiking boots to those insoles which are thicker. Thicker insoles take up some of the volumes for you not to over-tighten your boots pulling them out of their shape.

The above are the techniques on how to tie hiking boots and make your hike more comfortable. It's nice to try a new pattern of the lace while you are at home.

In Short

While inside the house, wear your favorite hiking boots or you can take a short with your hiking boots to the nearest shop to pick something and go back. That way you can find the technique which is comfortable for you instead of having to tie your hiking boots again while you are on a hike.

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